Angry Birds and Angles

Angry Birds and Angles

Recently I’ve been teaching angles to my Grade 7 students. I was on the hunt for some engaging ideas and stumbled upon this blog by Mr Avery and his class. This blog was really inspiring and I used Mr Avery’s ideas to introduce angles.

Our first lesson consisted of revision touching on acute angles, obtuse, right, straight and reflex angles, then we moved onto more complex aspects including complementary, supplementary and finding the unknown angle.

As a fun project to finish up the unit of work the students were asked to create an angry birds poster showing the types of angles needed to get the pigs. Each angle was the  measured using a protractor!

It was super fun and connected to the students’ learning and their interests!

Check out Mr. Avery’s blog and have a go at this task!! The students will LOVE IT!!

Here are some pictures from my classes attempts at this fun task!