Conversations and Connecting!

Conversations and Connecting!

So… last night, I was up very late with my brain whizzing around thinking about school stuff. The night ended up being very productive and another example of the power of the connections and learning we can develop through social media!

A friend and fellow teacher Jess Ottewell was part of this crazy night and blogged about it. Jess is the guest blogger for today and below is her blog entry.

Conversations and Connections

A late night blog post from me tonight.
Was scrolling through my FB news feed when a fellow educator posed a questions on a group: What a great teaching idea!! (It is a closed group but you can request if you want to help share and learn with other educators)
Anyway the questions revolved around asking for ideas using Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences as a guide.
… and just like at the races … we were off!
Ideas started flying out, a few educators were throwing ideas left right and centre. ALL great ideas!!
Just made me realise how important conversations with colleagues really are! We help INSPIRE each other!
My brain is now ticking over a million miles an hour with inspiration, ideas and enthusiasm!
I think we can get caught up in our class’ we forget to talk to people about the GOOD we are doing and sharing your ideas with your colleagues, whether this is in your schools staff room, on FB, on twitter, on TPT or on your blog.
Keep talking, keep connecting and keep inspiring each other!
Jess 🙂

As you can see sharing resources and ideas is such  great thing to do! We all benefit from the connections and conversations we have!

If you want to connect with Jess here is a link to her digital footprint.

She is an amazing teacher – connect with her today!

Thanks Jess for letting me share your blog entry here!! 🙂