About Me

Hi, I'm Shaileigh (Shai for short) and I am a specialist and lecturer in Primary Education specialising in Early Childhood and Primary Mathematics and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

I have worked in a number of educational contexts for over 16 years and have worked across across many roles. I have experience as a primary teacher and ICT coordinator in metropolitan and regional South Australia. In more recent years I was the principal of a K-12 school in the USA and have prior experience teaching in early childhood and secondary contexts. I am currently a University Lecturer, and have held multiple roles in Higher Education, which have included writing courses for Universities around Australia, and course co-ordination of a Primary Education degree.

I completed both my bachelor’s degree, honours and PhD at Flinders University, where my PhD thesis and research focussed on attitudes, beliefs, and emotions in primary mathematics education, also known as the affective domain.

I am enthusiastic about STEM subjects, as well as taking learning outside the classroom through situated learning approaches and pedagogies.

Any views here on my blog are my own, and don't necessarily reflect those of my employer.