Essential Tips for Beginning Teachers

Essential Tips for Beginning Teachers

I recently caught up with a very experienced teacher, who is also a dear friend of mine called Jayne Howell. Jayne is AMAZING!! Yes, I use this word a lot but it’s completely the truth she is AMAZING!! She is a born teacher who is relational, thoughtful and is a genius when it comes to sorting out student issues and dealing with emotional situations! I have learnt SOOOO much from this incredible woman! I have dragged her into this blog today to co-author this entry (and some more entries to come 😉 )… about sharing some tips for beginning teachers!

We recently went to TGI’s for lunch and we had a chat about what beginning teachers should know…. and so…. we have compiled a list of tips for beginning teachers! It began as 10 top tips but the list kept growing haha…. So… Here they are!! Also.. keep an eye out in the near future for out the audio to go along with this blog… hilarious!! 🙂

Hi this is Jayne! Here are some tips that I’ve learnt throughout my 16 years of primary teaching!

  1. Pray
    1. Religious or not… praying is essential! Pray for the kids in your class, families, for teachable moments, for knowing the right words to say, for a love and enthusiasm for what you’re doing!!
  1. Teaching is all about relationship NOT friendship
    1. Your job is not to be their friend but to lead them and guide them within set boundaries.
    2. Be prepared for “I hate you!”, “YOU’RE MEAN” and “You’re the BEST TEACHER EVER”….. You’ll probably get them all!! 🙂
  1. Be consistent and be fair!!
    1. Explain the decisions you make and why…  Kids are smart and the students will know when you’re not being fair or if you’re playing favourites!! And… they’re bound to act out if favouritism is occurring!!
  1. Don’t compare yourself to other teachers (especially more experienced ones!)
    1. You are your own teacher and it will take time to develop your style and what works for others may not work for you! Be kind to yourself!!
  1. Don’t be afraid to say no in your classroom
    1. Remember you are the expert. Be confident in who you are and your role as the teacher!
    2. Say no, it's an acceptable word to use. It’s okay! It’s okay to say not now, later and don’t be afraid of the kids’ reactions!!

And some other tips lol ……

  1. Allow take up time for behavior!! Ignore secondary behavior.
  2. Look to the heart of the matter and beyond the behaviour!
  3. Don’t be afraid to get it wrong!!
  4. Listen, listen, listen and ask questions!
  5. Ask for and share resources
  6. Put in the hard work in term 1 to set up your classroom and you will reap the rewards in term 4
  7. Work hard and life balance
  8. Ask for help and be vulnerable
  9. Watch and observe other teachers
    1. Uni doesn’t fully prepare you for the day to day teaching in the classroom. How can it when it's only a 4 year degree....
    2. Watch what experienced teachers do that work!! And then...give it a go!
  10. Take time to find out what style and pedagogies work for you / your style - don't feel the pressure to copy others - be YOU!
    1. You can only be the best teacher you can be!!
  11. It’s okay to say you don’t know to the kids
    1. Set an example of being a learner and model how to find things out and model vulnerability in saying it’s okay to say I don’t know!
  12. Get sleep and rest!!
    1. Take care of yourself, sleep and exercise and do something fun non-school related!!!
  13. Get to know the kids yourself, don’t just rely on their past history!!
  14. Have a thick skin and don’t take things personally!
  15. Be Organised, not just for classroom but for the endless admin tasks!!
  16. Be confident during staff meetings and pull your weight, but don’t be a “know it all”, we are all still learning!

WOW… thanks Jayne!!

Our plan is to expand this list and continue co-authoring blog entries about specific tips!

What tips do you want to hear more about?

What tips would you add to this list!?

We would LOVE to hear your feedback, so leave a comment below! 🙂