What is the Purpose of School?

What is the Purpose of School?

This blog post began in 2012. I have been pondering the question of what is the purpose of school?

When i began writing this piece, i was still at Flinders uni doing my thing of lecturing, tutoring and researching. My world view was very much for a humanistic position. Now, a few years later…. I am still reflecting on this question. What is the purpose of schooling and school? Why do we do what we do. Well…. here are a few thought! They may not be correct but this is where im at, right now. I’m sure these musing will grow and develop as I continue to develop as a teacher.

The Purpose of Schooling as of February 2015:

  • It’s about preparing students for the future
  • It’s about preparing students to know Christ and to be a follower of Him.
  • Its about learning NOT teaching, if students’ haven’t learnt, I haven’t taught.
  • Transformation… i.e. NOT using technology in old ways (like using Ipads to read books or as glorified dictionaries)
  • Creating digital citizens, who know how to effectively, safely and inclusively connect with others for the greater good of society.
  • Assessment should look different to what it has in the past: Show what they know not what they don’t know.
  • Use technology to improve their learning, to develop better structure of writing, deeper understanding and meaningful use of information in real world contexts.
  • We only have one life – its not private and professional – its ALL public!! Students need to learn what is safe to put in the public arena. Their online identity will never go away, they need to be purposeful about their online presence.
  • Schooling is all about a learning process – don’t tell me, show me and teach someone else! IT’S ABOUT CREATING and showing their learning.
  • Building relationships – asking about Weekend, build a connection with the students and their families. We learn in communion with others.
  • The purpose of Schooling is to set a good example, like Paul in the Bible says: imitate me as I imitate Christ. Kids watch everything we do – what are we modelling?? What attitudes am I passing onto my students? What habits or values am I portraying. May I truly be an imitator of Christ.
  • The purpose of school is to join with parents, partner with them so we can learn with the families and the children. Get parents on Twitter and follow educators – get the learning space happening! Check out my class Twitter account @MissPagesClass
  • I want my students to leave this year knowing how to love themselves, and love others well! I want them to read well and to think critically, to engage in the larger issues of this world.

That’s about it for the moment. So… that’s where I’m at….. Bye for now!