Coat of Arms Activity - Getting to Know You

Coat of Arms Activity - Getting to Know You

My grade 6/7 class made coat of arms as a get to know you activity!

We discussed what a coat of arms is and began looking at various designs.

I googled shields and coat of arms templates and chose a few different designs that the students could pick from.

Their task was to divide their page into 4 parts! They could be creative and divide it in any way they like.

Here’s what they needed to fill in their coat of arms with:

“We’ve been getting to know one another over the past week. Each “Coat of Arms” is a symbolic representation of four aspects of who we are!

  1. Something I am good at.
  2. Someone who inspires me.
  3. Something I am looking forward to this year.
  4. A goal I want to achieve this year at school.

We are all unique and we all have different strengths.

Definitely give it a go!! Here is a picture of our coat of arms in 2015!