I'm Baaaaccckkk!!!!

I'm Baaaaccckkk!!!!

It has certainly been a while since I blogged last, and this clearly calls for a life update!

When I blogged last, I was living in rural South Carolina as the appointed principal for a K-12 school. I have to say being a principal was one of the most rewarding and challenging seasons I have faced so far. The people of South Carolina won my heart and the food, the scenery, the weather and wildlife were some of the highlights. I made dear friends and made huge leaps in my teaching career whilst there.

I returned to Adelaide, Australia in July 2019 right before COVID hit, and for 18 months had the privilege of working with schools in Papua New Guinea (PNG), specifically working with teachers and school staff to upskill and continue their ongoing professional development.

After working in PNG, I got married to a gorgeous British man (this is a story for another day) and I returned to the classroom and taught year 6 for a term before being offered my dream position as a lecturer in primary mathematics at a university. This role was too good to turn down, so I made the hard decision to leave classroom teaching and follow my heart to train pre-service teachers, specialising in primary and early childhood mathematics.

At this present time, I have been a lecturer for nearly two years and am loving my role and seeing pre-service teacher overcome math anxiety and fear and develop confidence and a love for mathematics will never get old!

I am excited to start blogging again. Some of the blog posts to come will be retrospective and will document and explore my experiences of being a principal in the USA as well as a classroom teacher.  Other blog posts will be more current and will divulge innovation and industry connections as I write about my work with pre-service teachers!

Happy reading and it’s so good to be back!